So I sat trying to ascertain what was the most important and most pressing need of the Holy Spirit with regards to us in this season, mind you God in eternity is not bound by mans estimation and interpretation of Time.

Then I figured out God was waiting for us to conform, God was waiting for us to come to a place of delivery, God is not incapable of doing what you think all he needs is our coming to that place of reception.

So when I say The Press, I am Essentially saying, we press past the limitations, press pass through the barricade, press pass through the all that the world system has consciously and intentionally planted in a bid to refuse us coming to that place of reception.

Why emphasis on the press now, it means.

1. God is now going to make the Spiritual more real than ever, Christianity will not be only ‘I heard’ or ‘I read’, but rather a ‘I know’. Implying a tangibility of the spiritual to those that press. (Touchable and seeable)

2. The eminent harsh realities that will come both on the physical and spiritual plane will take those that have through constant use trained their spiritual sense to react accordingly.

If in all that has been said u didn’t catch anything know that 2017 calls for intense and calculated prayer. Personally I have targeted at least 500hrs of pray through the year (an average of 1h30 daily). Solely for the reason of building up my most Holy faith as Jude puts it.

Press through 2017…..Happy New Year


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