By Jerry Hinjari

I believe the most beautiful thing that exists on the earth is Love, the Love of God and that is God himself for in 1 John 4:8 John declared. He that loves not, does not know God; for God is love.

God sacrificed his son for us so we could have his life, so amazing.Thats why Jesus said no greater love than this that a man should lay down his life for his friends.
Love is sacrifice, Love is pure,Love is true, its way more than a feeling cause feelings change but true love is the Nature of Christ it is the Spirit of Christ.

Love is faith. Love causes us to obey and submit For in John 14:21 scripture states “He that has my commandments, and keeps them, he it is that loves me”. Clearly showing us love is a faith state of mind that prompts us to obey
Love is not selfish. Love is forgiveness. Love is stronger than death. Love is Holy. Love removes the veil from our eyes and opens our eyes to see God clearly…all these speak about God. The greatest of all is Love.

The way we can show love to men depends on our relationship with God, it depends on how much of God we have inside of us. Love releases life. The evidence of our union with God and knowledge of God is love, it’s really not totally about the power or how many miracles we perform it’s about love, its about loving our neighbour. t
There is no fear in love, cause perfect love casts out all fear. Love speaks the truth, our desire should be to love the Lord and express it to the world, through that his power flows through us, for every time Jesus performed a miracle, he was moved with compassion, the love of God, and men were healed and followed Christ afterwards these days there are many miracles without the Love of God, so people are healed and some go back to their normal way of life, the Love of God draws men to follow Christ. Scripture says we should seek first the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God is the kingdom of love. We musk seek Love first then all other things will be added unto us. Our faith works by Love and without faith we cannot please God. Love is the essence of our Christian life.

“And now abides faith, hope, Love, these three; but the greatest of these is Love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

Keep blessing your world……



More grace MOG

    Jerry Hinjari

    Amen Sir

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