Anonymity is maintained but for reason of Comprehension the name John was used.

This happened at a meeting were the Servant of God ministered!

The testimony In John’s words;
“I was seated in the congregation when the message was been preached, about the unfailing promise of the word of God when conviction gripped my heart.
Then the Servant of God made a call for those people who had issues in their lives which needed the touch of God to come out!

Then it was as if a force pushed me out of the congregation, as the Servant of God laid his hands on me, it was a if fire caught my entire body, I was under the power of the Holy Spirit on the floor sweating profusely.

Now thank Jesus, I have been freed from the Spirit of Gay sex, which I got introduced to before I was 10 years of age by some white men, which had held me bondage for over 10 years, thank Jesus am free”. John

Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, what he did then he is still doing today believe and receive today!
Jesus Sets free, He heals and He Blesses Even Today!