“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as Eagles” Isaiah 40:31

And the grace of God is working in us, propelling us to unimaginable heights where limitation can not exist. We have no limitation, we can’t want, we can’t lack, we can’t be in want, we are the Solution to the world.

We have been waiting in The Secrete place of the Most High and out strength is renewed! now we are mounting with unimaginable stamina as provided by the Holy Spirit. We are changing things, causing. Events to happen!
Glory to God for we have been placed in Christ Jesus far above and beyond principalities and powers and every wicked force of darkness!
As Eagles we mount Above whatever and every limitation, Hallelujah!


Philemon Handawa

I read and understand you message. As you rightly put down, God want us to depend on Him that is why he says ” we should cast our burden upon Him….”. On the contrary many believers believe or many times say,’God does not do things sharp sharp’ forgetting that God’s time is the best. My call today is let us always acknowledge God in everything we do trusting and believing Him in all conditions, by this I believe God will put us above planes and realities of this life. Thank you sir once again.

    Jerry Hinjari

    Rightly said Sir, thank you for clearly pointing that out. You welcome Sir

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