Luke 4:4 And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.

It’s common knowledge that we need to eat food daily for the proper functioning of our bodies. Some people even eat more than three times a day. Jesus when teaching the disciples to pray even made reference to the need for God to provide our daily bread.

People give rapt attention to the nutritious needs of their bodies but fail to understand that this bodies are only but temporal. Once your time on earth is done you can’t take your body along with you to the after life, it’s your spirit that will have to live for eternity. This said it will make sense, if one would then give his spirit man more attention and feed it right.

You need the word of God in your spirit to be effective as a believer, you need the word of God to sustain your Spirit man. So if we eat food three times a day, it won’t be too much to receive atleast once a day a word from God. We live in a world were there are many voices, voice of men, politics, Spirits so what you hear on a daily basis moulds your spirit.

The primary place to receive a word from God, is in the Bible. Make a culture of reading scriptures daily. But now staying on scripture alone is elementary, you also need a customized word from God in your spirit, called the inner witness. The voice of the Spirit grows stronger when you make prayer your life style. So pray always. The Bible might not instruct you on where you should go looking for a Job, but the inner witness will. And the instructions from the Spirit of God never contradicts the word of God.

Faith and fear come the same way by hearing and by exposure to a kind of knowledge. So no wonder people are consumed by fear. If it’s God speaking there is no way you live life out of fear


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